Pembridge  Capital ETFLN. The information should not be regarded as specific investment advice or a personal recommendation of any kind. Should you require investment advice you should contact your securities broker.
A number of particularly important risks related to an investment in the securities are set out below. Factors that will influence the market price of the security include, but are not limited to, market appetite, inflation, and the time of redemption, interest rates and the financial position of the underlying entities. You must ensure that you understand the risks inherent in the security. The risks set out below are not intended to be a comprehensive list of all the risks that may apply to an investment in the security. You should seek your own independent professional investment, legal and tax advice as to whether an investment in the security is suitable for you. You should be aware that you could get back less than you invest or lose your entire initial investment. Issuer Risk- All obligations arising out of or in connection with the security will, on the Issue Date, be the sole responsibility of the Issuer. If the issuer goes out of business or becomes insolvent, you may lose some or, in the worst case scenario,all of your investment in  Pembridge Capital ETFLN.