Investment Opportunity & Description

The principal investment objective of the Fund is a structured investment to achieve medium term capital appreciation by investing in companies in Europe and England, It will be investing in renewable energy, alternative green energy projects, real estate, and social housing portfolios already established with existing returns aswell short to médium lending .

Pembridge Capital ETFLN is investing in a Fund which is established and has an investment management philosophy which rests on basic principles that have stood the test of time and provided healthy and regular performance along with good yields due to their long term vision, risk diversification, prudent approach to management and transparency.

The underlying investments are made via investing in capital based assets and acquiring existing projects with track records currently returning of good yields. The general criteria for investments are related to return of investment (ROI) which dictates which projects the underlying fund will acquire. As the fund is seeking to acquire existing projects it can filter the prospects down to those showing ROI’s in excess of 10% per annum. The projects identified are in low cost housing, real estate, property portfolios, consumer products, research and development, health and leisure and social housing in Europe with particular focus in the United Kingdom. The prudent investment strategy as well as having an asset backed structure makes investing in wellington capital an attractive investment.